The Studio

Gear doesn't matter, it's how you use what you've got.  If you're a gear head like me, then you'll like this page.  Otherwise, your eyes will probably glaze over and you can move on.

What started out as a small single-room studio after our youngest daughter flew the nest has taken over the two largest rooms in our basement.  The small room is now the vocals room, and the control room is in the large room along with the drum kit.  Depending on what we're recording, we'll use one or both of the rooms for a recording.  I built a large number of acoustic panels that hang on the walls and ceiling and are moveable between many different positions depending on my needs at the time.

There are no equipment-specific rental fees.  Every project we do have access to everything in our inventory.

D/A converters and pre-amps:

I use the following gear for studio recording.  Everything runs at 96kHz, 24-bit and records into a project in the DAW at 96kHz 24-bit float.

Universal Audio Apollo 8p

Universal Audio Twin MkII QUAD

Universal Audio Satellite OCTO

Universal Audio 4-710d Tube/Transformer Pre-amp

Focusrite Clarrett OctoPre

I use the following gear in the studio for monitoring and rehearsals, and in the field for live sound and live recording:

(1) Presonus Studiolive Series III 32-channel digital mixer

(2) Presonus Network Stage Box 16.8

(6) Presonus Earmix 16M

(2) Presonus SWSE AVB switch


(2) AKG D112 (kick drum Mic)

(1) Shure Sub-kick

(1) Home-made 4" sub-kick

(1) Shure KSM8

(2) Shure KSM137/SL Stereo Pair

(1) Electro-Voice ND66 

(2) AKG P120 Large Diaphragm Condenser

(2) Samson C01 Large Diaphragm Condenser

(2) Samson C02 Small Diaphragm Condenser

(1)MxL 990

(1) MxL V250

(1) 910 Large Diaphragm Condenser

(5) Sennheiser e604 small Dynamic Mic

(5) Shure SM57 Dynamic Mic

(2) Shure SM58 Dynamic Mic

(1) Shure Beta 58a

(1) Ampex 1101 Vintage Dynamic Mic

Various Vintage Electro-Voice mic's from the 40's and 50's

(1) MxL R40 Ribbon Mic

(1) Sterling ST170 Active Ribbon Mic

Monitoring (studio and stage) and PA:

(2) Yamaha HS8's

Various headphones, including AKG and Sennheiser

(6) Shure SE215 In Ear Monitors

(2) Shure SE112 In Ear Monitors

(2) Shure PSM300 Wireless transmitters and accompanying receivers

(1) Line 6 Wireless mic and receiver

(3) JBL EON 610's (1000w)

(2) JBL EON 615's (1000w) and stands

(1) QSC GX5 power amp

(2) Gemini 15" passive speakers (700w)


Taylor 260dlx Acoustic

(2) Takamine Acoustic

Ibanez 570 Electric

Epiphone Les Paul gold top

Squier Strat

Schecter Synester Gates signature Electric

Schecter Hellraiser 5-string (with modified electroncis)

Fender P-bass

Yamaha bass


Roland Cube 120XL bass amp

Ampeg SVT7 Pro Bass Amp head

Ampeg 15" Pro Neo cabinet

Line 6 Spider-Jam 75w guitar amp


Yamaha Stage Custom in Natural Wood Finish

Meinl Classic Custom cymbals


Yamaha Montage 8


Steinberg Cubase 9.5 (my studio recording go-to)

Apple Logic

Presonus Studio One (my live mixing go-to)

Protools First

LED Lights (8xPar Can) and controller


We have too many 3rd-party plugins to list, but here's a few of my current go-to plug-ins.  All of the Univeral Audio plugins are emulations that run on out-board DSP.

Universal Audio: I've got something like 70 plug-ins from Universal Audio that all run on their outboard DSP, but here are my go-to's. UREI 1176, Teletronix LA-2A, Fairchild 670, Fatso Jr., Studer A800, SSL G Bus compressor, SSL E channel strip, Pultec EQ, Eventide H910 Harmonizer, Realverb Pro, Ocean Way Studios, Cooper Time Cube, Sonnox Ultra Maximizer and more.

Soundtoys: Microshift, Echoboy

Izotope: Ozone 8, Neutron 2 Advanced, Tonal Balance Control, Insight, RX6

VIdeo, NLE and effects:

4xiPhone's of various models


Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects

Davinci Resolve

We also have a DJI Phantom 4 Drone and a DJI Osmo (handheld 4k camera with gimbal) that we use in the field for music video shoots.