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Live Sound

Now that the album is done and out, it's time to start playing. If you're not in the business, you'd be foolish enough to think that live sound is a lot like recording in the studio. It's definitely not. I plan to use this blog to document some lessons learned over the coming months as I get more experience, I'll make some new posts.

I got a shiny new Presonus Studiolive 32 channel mixer in a few weeks ago, and I've already done two live gigs with it. I also invested in a pair of networked stage boxes and 6 Presonus Earmix's with In Ear Monitors (I'll probably write a review about those separately). Pair those up with a set of JBL EON 615's and it's a sweet setup.

The hardest part for me has been dealing with stage monitors. Managing to get the necessary volume on stage without feedback is tough! Hence the In Ear Monitors. We had our first band practice for Sandi's band in the basement last night using these things and they're super nice. The best part for the sound guy? No feedback. Ever. The musicians love them too. Works out for everybody.

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